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Sarah Dissegna

Social Media & Design Specialist

As IMP Digital’s Social Media & Design Specialist, Sarah is the designer behind the creative content you see from our client.

Sarah stumbled into a career in graphic design when she graduated from university and began working in the corporate hustle and bustle of Toronto.  Although this wasn’t her initial career intention, Sarah quickly grew into the role and fell in love with the work she does. Sarah received her bachelor’s degree studying Physical and Health Education – but has always had a passion for the arts, including photography and ballet, where she has been nominated for, and received multiple awards for her artistry.  In a technologically driven world, it only made sense to transfer her knack for the arts into the digital space!

In her free time, you will find Sarah travelling the globe soaking in all the world has to offer. She loves to explore different cultures and cuisines – her favorite destination to date has been Greece! 

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