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Detailed Orientated Project Manager

We’re looking for a full time Project Manager ****to join our team and own our project deliverables to our clients..

Project Manager at IMP Digital

Location: Burlington, Ontario

Employment Type: Full-Time

Mission for the Project Manager 🚀

To ensure the seamless execution and success of digital marketing projects, keeping both the team and clients informed and engaged every step of the way. Your expertise in digital marketing, including website developments, search rankings, paid lead generation campaigns, and landing pages, will be crucial in driving projects to successful completion.

Main Success-KPIs ⭐️

  • On-time project delivery
  • Client satisfaction scores
  • Team performance and collaboration metrics

Outcomes 🏆

  • Ensure 100% on-time delivery of all digital marketing projects
    • Maintain clear and consistent communication with clients and team members
  • Achieve a client satisfaction rate of 95%+
    • Regular check-ins and proactive issue resolution
  • Enhance team productivity and collaboration
    • Foster a positive and efficient working environment

Responsibilities 📋

  • Manage digital marketing projects including website developments, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and landing page creation.
  • Coordinate with clients and team members to ensure project requirements and deadlines are met. Assign tasks with great detail to avoid confusion and errors.
  • Track project progress and make adjustments as necessary to meet deadlines and client expectations
  • Conduct regular project meetings to keep everyone updated on project status and next steps
  • Ensure high-quality deliverables by conducting thorough reviews and quality checks
  • Proactively identify and resolve issues that may impact project timelines or quality
  • Maintain comprehensive project documentation for internal and client reference

Competencies 📈

  • High Standards: You strive for excellence in every project, ensuring top-quality results.
  • Proactivity: You take the initiative to identify and solve problems before they escalate.
  • Strong Communication: You excel in both written and verbal communication, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Organizational Skills: You can manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring none fall through the cracks.
  • Team Leadership: You can motivate and guide your team to achieve common goals.
  • Client Focus: You prioritize client satisfaction and work to exceed their expectations.
  • Growth Mindset: You are open to feedback and continuously seek ways to improve your skills and project outcomes.


  • Competitive salary based on experience and qualifications
  • Comprehensive benefits package including health benefits and group RRSP plans
  • Opportunities for professional development and growth within the company

Work Environment

  • Hybrid work model with 3 in-office days and 2 work-from-home days
  • Collaborative and open office space for team interaction
  • Travel opportunities for industry tradeshows across North America

Join Our Team

At IMP Digital, we’re dedicated to creating memorable digital experiences valued and loved by both visitors and clients. If you’re a motivated and passionate Project Manager with a knack for digital marketing and a drive to lead projects to success, we’d love to hear from you!

Apply Now

You’ll report to the CEO and work closely with our team of digital enthusiasts. Apply today and help us make a difference for small businesses across Canada and the US.

    • You have 4+ years of experience as a Project Manager, ideally within an agency or marketing role.
    • You have a strong understanding of digital marketing principles, including website development, SEO, PPC campaigns, and landing page creation.
    • You have a proven track record of successfully managing multiple projects simultaneously, delivering on time and within budget.
    • You excel in client communication and can maintain high client satisfaction through regular updates and proactive issue resolution.
    • You thrive in a fast-paced environment where each team member takes full ownership of their role and contributes to the team’s success.
    • You possess excellent organizational and time management skills, ensuring that all project milestones are met.
    • You have strong leadership skills and can motivate and guide your team to achieve project goals.
    • You are a problem-solver who can quickly adapt to changing project requirements and find solutions to keep projects on track.
    • You have a keen eye for detail and ensure high-quality deliverables through thorough reviews and quality checks.
    • You are committed to personal development, learning, and growth, seeking to improve your professional skills and project outcomes continually.
    • You are excited about being part of a company where growing in your professional skills, as well as your personal habits, is the norm.
    • You align with our company values and approach work in a way that emphasizes these principles.

    If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply and become part of our dynamic and dedicated team at IMP Digital!

We are a digital marketing agency that helps local business owners increase leads and sales through innovative online campaigns and strategies

At IMP Digital we offer a range of online services that support the growth of our clients & partners in the home improvement space. Over our 25+ years in business we have become a leader in the Pool & Hot Tub retail business, Canadian Pharmacy and home developer segments.

Each month we work to improve the online footprint of our over 160+ clients across Canada and the USA.

  • Web Development
    • WordPress site development leveraging the latest plugins and themes
    • Custom API integrations and systems
    • GHL landing pages and funnels
  • Paid Lead Gen Campaigns
    • META, Google, Bing + 25 more paid online channels
    • Create scroll stopping ads with the latest tools like Canva, CapCut, Adobe and more
  • Business Automation
    • A.I lead nurturing platforms and trained GPT bots
    • Digital postcard campaigns with QR codes and SMS

More about our Clients & What We Do

We work with local businesses across the US and Canada in the home improvement niche

  • Pool & Hot Tub Retailers : These clients focus on backyard leisure. Our team helps them with their WordPress websites, organic search results, digital lead generation campaigns, social media presence, paid ad campaigns and new ways to leverage A.I

  • Pharmacy : From online platforms to support for local events and more. Our team helps grow independant pharmacy across Canada

  • Home Developers : Buying a home is often the biggest decision of your life. That’s why the team at IMP helps new home developers attract the exact audience online to register for the latest release of their new home developments. From landing pages to drone video editing for TikTok our team comes up with campaigns that inspire and WOW!

More about our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create Memorable Digital Experiences.

So that our clients can stand out in the ever demanding online world and grow their business to support their employees and families

Our vision is that world-class education on habits, business and personal growth has become standard in the upbringing of every child & teenager.

While high-performing leaders & entrepreneurs are their most inspiring role models.

Our Values

1. High Standards 💎

Excellent client experience and results are the most important thing for us.

That is why we have high standards for our work and ourselves.

So we make sure everything we do and represent is dialed in.

Excellence. Quality. Professional. Extra mile.

It is our goal to deliver excellence and an experience that will resonate with our clients and build long term relationships. We believe in exceeding expectations by acting as a trusted partner to all our customers; we are professional, responsive and approachable in our communications. We also take pride in delivering to our internal customers- our colleagues, and we strive to go the extra mile with each other, providing assistance and support, sharing our knowledge with one another.

  1. Internal

High quality work, attention to detail & processes, punctuality and reliability in keeping our word and commitments.

Organize yourself properly. Communicate efficiently.

  1. With Clients

We don’t settle for average. We love what we do and are passionate about it. We go the extra mile. We overdeliver. Outstanding service.

  1. External

Representing the most professional, high-quality image of our company and brand.

→ That way we attract and keep high level clients and have long-term growth and success.

→ Striving for high standards in your role will motivate you to go for high standards in your personal life and help you improve all life areas.

2. Connected 🔱

We value building strong client relationships, based on honesty and openness which leads to trust.  We strive to always act with integrity in relationships, which means being reliable and accountable in word and behaviour.  As a company we stand behind our service and always strive to be the best. We stay connected to our industry and use cutting edge technology to communicate clearly to our team and clients.

→ Taking ownership is an essential life skill that will speed up your growth in all areas.

3. Massive Action & Team Work⚡️

We take massive action. 10x. We work hard and implement fast.

No overthinking. Money loves speed. We reiterate & refine as we go.

We are straight to the point, clear, brief and direct in our communication & respect each others time.

Focus! Remove distractions, get in the zone and get work done.

→ Massive Action is the foundation for success and growth as a company.

→ Clarity & motivation only come after taking action. Taking massive action first. This will help you in grow in every area of your life.

We have built an extraordinary team, one exceptional person at a time. We focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business because this is critical to who we are. We believe in surrounding ourselves with those who demonstrate a “can-do” attitude and thrive in a collaborative, team based environment.

4. Constant Improvement 📈

We’re addicted to growth. We hate stagnation. We always want to learn and improve.

We are driven, hungry and excited to become better in all areas, both professional and personal.

Professional Growth

We constantly improve our skills and knowledge through books, videos & courses.

We constantly think of ways to improve – how we do things internally, our service to our clients, and how we represent the company externally.

Our clients deserve and expect this from us.

We have a growth mindset, there are no failures or problems for us. We take everything as a chance to challenge each other with direct feedback on where we can improve and grow.

We celebrate wins, and shout out each other for doing a good job and living in line with our values. Sometimes even in the form of donuts 🍩

Our team is focused on remaining competitive and on the cutting edge in our industry, searching for new opportunities to improve and innovate. We value continuing education and ongoing learning of new techniques and best practices, which motivates us to work with passion- to offer our clients the very best. Every day we are faced with new opportunities, and often new challenges. This is because we are trying new and different things- we believe this is how we become experts. As long as we look back, and ask ourselves the right questions and learn from experiences, we will continue to grow and succeed.

→ Constant improvement will help you grow & develop while the company is growing with you.

  • 🔒 Secure & Long Term Position for the right person

    Every person we hire should grow with us in the long term. The goal of every hire is permanent employment. We want to build a long term team with high-performing A-players. If the performance is right, then this will be a secure & long term position.

  • ⭐️ Strong Client Results

    We value the relationships we have with our clients and the responsibility we have to get them great results. Many of our clients have been with us for 15+ years

  • 💰 Great career opportunities & compensation

    We will continue growing and expanding over the next years. For this we need experts and/or leaders that want to grow with us long term, in their skills, role and compensation.

  • 🤝A Player Team

    At IMP Digital, our mission is to help businesses across North America thrive by leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. We work with clients from various industries, including pool and spa, backyard planning, and home development, to enhance their online presence and achieve remarkable growth.

    And we practice what we preach!

    Join a small but impactful international team of 25+ dedicated professionals who are driven by personal development, growth, and a commitment to excellence. At IMP Digital, every team member plays a crucial role in our collective success, and we are excited to welcome passionate individuals who share our vision.

  • ⚙️ Efficient communication – NO days full of inefficient meetings

    Ditch days full of meetings! We use async, written communication by default. Everybody on our teams communications transparently and clearly.

  • 🗓️ Flexible work hours – Office + Remote

    We expect you to work on average 35-40 hours per week for our full time positions, unless agreed otherwise.

    Our core working hours are:

    • 9:00 to 4:00 EST time, Monday to Friday
    • This means you can and should start before that to get some Deeply Focused work in, and most likely work beyond the core working ours
    • On “Home Working” days we want you is to be available during the core hours, so that everybody can communicate with each other.
  • 🏝️ 12+1 days paid vacation per year + for you important local public holidays

    Take time off so you can recharge and come back more productive.

    Take an extra day to celebrate your birthday 🥳

  • 🤒 Paid sick leave

    Take time off to recover or feel better.

More of our Benefits!

  • 🚀 Continous Development

    Personal Development, growth, and constant improvement are at our core.

    Everybody that’s part of our team is naturally excited about that. That’s why we want everybody to make time for their personal as well as professional development.

    We provide access to courses, books and even coaching programs that we do together.

    You also have access to our own Mentoring Program, to help you level up your own habits, time management, energy, focus, productivity and health.

    We also create a Development Plan for every team member to help grow your skills short, mid and long term.

    So that you can grow inside the company and develop both your career as well as yourself.

  • 💰 Employee referral bonus

    IMP is growing! We want to work with the best – exceptional, motivated, and talented people like you.

    Please tell us about future co-workers – people you would love to work with. If we have an open position and they match who we’re looking for, let us know. Refer candidates, and you will get a $1000 bonus per new hire!

  • 😢 Bereavement leave

    We want to support you during difficult times. To make things a little easier for you, we have outlined this bereavement guideline. Please always feel free to talk to your manager if you need more time.

    Team members are entitled to 5 days of paid leave in the event of the death of parents (in-law), children, siblings, spouse, (unmarried) domestic partner, guardian, grandparents or grandchildren.

    Team members are entitled to 3 days of paid leave in the event of the death of aunts, uncles, cousins, a close friend or pet.

  • 💍 Wedding leave

    We offer 1 day of paid leave on the day you get married.