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Make your website usable to as many people as possible.

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Be Accessible Online to Everyone

Your website plays an important role in how your business operates online. To ensure that all web users can browse your website and interact with your business, it’s crucial that your website is fully accessible. With approximately 20% of the population having a disability that could prevent or exclude them from using your website, it’s integral that you ensure your website is accessible to all.

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Our experts at IMP Digital can help you to ensure that your website is fully-accessible. We stand behind the tool: accessiBe.

accessiBe is the #1 fully-automated website accessibility solution for ADA and WCAG compliance. The traditional approach to ensuring website compliance is through a manual process, which can be time consuming and costly. With automated, state-of-the-art AI technology, you can feel confident knowing that your website is monitored 24/7.

With this innovative tool, you can:

Ensure that your website is accessible and compliant with 24/7 scans, fixes and audits, not to mention accessibility statements and certification of performance. Sign up to get started and ensure that you’re creating an inclusive web experience for all.

What Makes an Accessible Website?

When it comes to designing and developing websites dedicated to a user-friendly experience, look no further than our team of digital marketing specialists. We are committed to helping create accessible websites that not only meet the needs of your business, but for your entire audience as well.

Our accessible websites are equipped with innovative tools and technology that contribute to a more inclusive experience for all. They are optimized for:

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Reasons Why Your Website Needs to Be Accessible

Create a user-friendly and inclusive web browsing experience for your entire audience.


Accessible websites help create and contribute to an inclusive web browsing experience for all.

Legal Action

Mitigate the risk of legal action by ensuring that your website complies with all applicable laws.

Web Traffic

Increase traffic and retention to your website by ensuring that everybody can use it equally.

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