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Philipp Beckermann

President & CEO

Philipp Beckermann is the CEO and President of IMP Digital. He has a skilled background in digital marketing, consulting, web and graphic design, strategic online marketing, SEO, and social media.

Philipp began his career as a software consultant for MBI Software, where he worked for clients such as Kohler, Canac Kitchen and Herman Miller. During his time there, he also provided Burlington Merchandising and Fixtures with design expertise and websites for both Home Hardware and Castle Building Centres.

Philipp started IMP Digital in 1997 as a home-based business in Kitchener, programming mini CDs for trade shows. He built his first website in 1999, then continued to provide a variety of clients with new websites. In 2004, he was tasked with creating websites for the Liberal Party candidates, 304 in total. This enabled him to become skilled in content management, as he travelled around the province training candidates on how to utilize their websites. The Liberals went on to win the 2007 elections, helped along by a strong web presence. IMP Digital moved into its first office and began expanding in 2008.

With his vast experience working with clients such as the Jacuzzi Brand, PharmaChoice Canada, Johnson & Johnson, Sylvan Learning Centres, Allergan, Ford, GMC, Rosehaven Homes, Toronto Star, Telus, CAA, Health Canada, and more, he and his team at IMP Digital bring experience, creativity, and passion to every project they do.


In his spare time, Philipp enjoys photography and travelling, with an ambition to visit all seven continents.

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