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Rebecca Van Kan

Digital Copywriter

Rebecca Van Kan is a talented copywriter with a passion for the written word and a knack for breathing life into copy across various mediums. 

Rebecca’s journey didn’t begin traditionally with a marketing degree. It began with a passion for communicating and a strong desire to bring those skills to those who needed them most; kids.

In 2016, Rebecca graduated from the Child and Youth Worker program at Niagara College and started working with at-risk children in schools across Waterloo, Ontario. She provided tailored programs and support to help these children find their voice, regain their confidence, and thrive in their environments.  

Behind the scenes, Rebecca spent time writing a personal blog before enrolling in a copywriting course to chase her creative dreams. She started providing freelance copywriting services, spending all her free time crafting compelling copy and expanding her expertise, diving head-first into the industry. 

As a dedicated professional with a commitment to excellence, Rebecca continues to make her mark in the world of copywriting, bringing creativity, precision, and passion to every project she undertakes.

As an oat latte…in a really big mug!

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