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Are you ready to push boundaries, innovate, and lead?

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

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Why IMP Digital?

Because at IMP Digital, we don’t just play the game. We’re here to redefine it. Located in the heart of Burlington, ON, we are a group of digital pioneers, crafting marketing masterpieces and innovative strategies that not only meet the eye but captivate it.

Are You One of Us?

Before you scroll any further, let’s find out if you’re ready to join our league of extraordinary marketers:

  • Do you breathe digital strategies in your sleep?
  • Can you weave creative narratives that even the toughest critics would applaud?
  • Are you looking to toss the traditional playbook out the window and write your own rules?
  • Is “above and beyond” your everyday route?
  • And just for fun, would you choose superfast Wi-Fi over superfast cars?

If you’re nodding yes, and even did so with a smirk, then you just might belong here.

The process

Join Our Tribe!

We’re more than just a company; we’re a dynamic habitat where your career can thrive. From SEO savants to content wizards, every role here is crucial, offering endless opportunities to impact, innovate, and grow.

Perks? Of Course!

  • Hybrid working days? Check, the best of in Office and @ home
  • Health benefits that actually benefit? You bet.
  • Plus, coffee that’s worth waking up for!

Get the Ball Rolling

  • Apply: Show us you’re ready to disrupt and lead.
  • Meet Us: Dive into the deep end with interviews that are more chat, less grilling.
  • Decide: We both feel the vibe? Let’s make it official!

Account Manager

Location: Burlington, ON

Be the bridge that not only connects us to our clients but also carries their success across it.

SEO Specialist

Location: Burlington, ON

Commandeer the algorithms and steer websites to the treasure trove of ‘Page One’ on Google.

Content Creator

Location: Burlington, ON

Craft captivating stories that don’t just get read; they get bookmarked and leads.

Web Developer

Location: Burlington, ON

Weave the web’s vast possibilities into sleek, user-friendly websites that click.

Graphic Designer

Location: Burlington, ON

Turn pixels into masterpieces and ideas into visual wonders.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Location: Burlington, ON

Plot the digital domination map with a marketing plan so sharp, it slices through noise and competition.

Digital Intern

Location: Burlington, ON

Dive headfirst into digital marketing where every task is a lesson and every challenge is your classroom.

Senior PPC Lead

Location: Burlington, ON

Master the art of clicks and conversions, crafting PPC campaigns that not only get seen but celebrated.