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Importance of a great internship…

According to, “Internships may be the easiest way to a job in 2013,” which is why landing an intern position here at IMP Canada has given me a major advantage over other current students and recent grads!

When looking at the hundreds of job postings out there right now, a common theme is a minimum of one to two years of relevant work experience. When first hearing this about half a year ago, my reaction was to laugh it off and then wallow in self-pity. I mean, how was I supposed to come directly out of university and have practical work experience? An internship is a great way to gain the hands-on experience employers are looking for and also a great wake-up call to what you are and aren’t looking for in a career.

So, from my perspective and with the little bit of interning knowledge I have after only a few weeks, here are my top three reasons for interning at IMP.

1. Expanding your skillset.

Employers want to hire individuals with prior experience. Interning provides you with the groundwork to achieve this. My IMP internship has allowed me to diversify my writing skills and learn how to write in a variety of styles that I would have not been able to learn in a classroom setting.

Intip: When starting your internship make sure you are open and willing to take on projects you might be unsure of at first. How else are you going to sharpen those skills and expand your profile if you don’t?  Internships are designed to sharpen and expand the skills you already have, but as important as it is to excel in some areas, it is just as important to practice weaker ones as well. I would not consider myself a tech wiz by any means, and frankly am a little intimidated by the inner workings of most computer systems. In just a few short weeks working with IMP, I have begun using new programs and actually understanding the power of online and social media. Check out some of IMP’s social media work.

2. Client Interaction.

The possibility of working on client projects is a major benefit of interning and a great way to boost your portfolio. It is one thing to practice your skills in a fictional setting but an excellent experience and an eye-opener to the industry when you are provided with the opportunity to interact with real client cases.

Intip: Before deciding on an internship it is important to check out their work and the potential work you could become involved in. IMP being, an agency, allows for the possibility to work with a variety of clientele. Take a look at some of IMP’s clients and the work they do for them.

3. 9-5 Workday?

Now, I do realize that these are not the typical hours for a profession in the communications and media world. Hours will range far beyond these and a heavily caffeinated diet is something to get used to. If you’re like me and got used to the student hour clock (classes starting at 1 pm and up until all hours of the night), then making this switch is a tough one. But once you do, it surprisingly feels great and you’ll be shocked at the number of things you can get done in a day!

So with all of these things and MANY more in the back of my mind, I am looking forward to interning with IMP and am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity! Think you have what it takes to do my job? Contact us to get more information and apply today!