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New Website Launch for HHD Imports Inc.

 Waterloo, Canada – IMP Digital Marketing has designed and launched a new website for HHD Imports Inc.

HHD Imports Inc. is a dynamic alcohol beverage imports company located in Waterloo, Ontario. IMP provided HHD Imports with a website that is fresh and contemporary. The white and green colour scheme combined with high-quality photography gives the website layout a clean and fresh aesthetic. The modern style is inviting and effectively delivers a positive representation of the brand image.

The website is designed to offer a responsive and user-friendly experience for visitors. All aspects of the website can easily be navigated and viewed effectively from a variety of devices and screens. A search function offers visitors to easily find the products they are looking for. IMP can easily update the products on a regular basis to stay current with promotions. The minimalistic design and layout clearly outline various sections of the website, providing a superior browsing experience.

IMP worked directly with HHD Imports to create a website that meets their needs accordingly. IMP also provided HHD Imports with modern product photography. The products were photographed in a way that is aesthetically-appealing and displayed different ways that the alcohol beverages could be served. The content throughout the website reflects positively upon the brand image while enabling the website to be SEO friendly. Strategic techniques are used throughout the website to ensure traffic, lead generation and a higher ranking in search engines.

IMP is a multi-service digital marketing agency based in Burlington, Ontario. IMP offers digital marketing solutions including website design, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media management and content creation. The digital marketing experts at IMP have many combined years of experience and bring forward a variety of skills to offer comprehensive services for clients in various industries. IMP utilizes a wide range of techniques and expertise to provide clients with an online presence that effectively reaches their target audience and displays their brand image.

HHD Imports brings a wide variety of alcohol beverages to the residents of Ontario from around the world. LCBO customers are able to explore and enjoy diverse and exquisite tastes of international wines, beer, spirits and vintages. The HHD Imports website offers information about the company, partners, products, price lists and recipes.

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