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Summer Story: Social media opens the door to Happiness!

Through the use of IMP Canada’s social media monitoring tools, Josie Cino (Social Media Content Manager) came across a blog post about one boy’s trip to the Happiest Place on Earth: MINI Oakville.
Lena, a MINI Oakville client (and blogger) wrote a post about her son Ryder’s trip to the dealership. After reading the article, Josie shared the story with the folks at MINI Oakville. They were ecstatic to hear that Ryder had such a good time at their dealership and wanted to plan something special. MINI Oakville invited the client and Ryder to come in again for a surprise. Valerie, a staff member at MINI Oakville, spent the day with Ryder and presented him with an “I love MINI” T-shirt, MINI stickers and his very own silver MINI diecast. She even pulled him around the dealership in a red, kid-sized MINI!
Josie followed the story, posting the blog and photos of the day on Facebook and Twitter, which engaged many members of MINI Oakville’s online community. As Lena states in her Follow up blog post It shows “just how social our world really is; that a simple blog post with pictures could inspire a company to reach out to a young fan.”
It was a great experience that both MINI Oakville and Ryder won’t forget.