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Facebook Cover DOs and DONTs

DO: Correct Dimensions

We LOVE clear cover photos! When selecting a cover photo, be sure your image is correctly sized. Having the correct dimensions can make a huge difference to your Facebook page. Properly sized images project a clean and professional look to your audience.

DON’T: Small Images

Be sure that your cover photo is the correct size! Images that are too small for a cover photo can end up looking like a blurry mess, which can be distracting to your audience.

DO: Overlapping Cover & Profile

Having a cover and profile photo blend together can be a great way to create a unique look. The right combination can make your Facebook Page look like a piece of art! 

DON’T: Alignment Issues

Be sure that your cover photo and profile match up! When putting the two together, remember that alignment is key. It may seem like a tedious task but it definitely pays off! Nothing is worse than a split-up image.

DO: Creative Concepts

Why not try something different? Don’t be afraid to get creative with your cover photos. Creating a unique image helps to define your brand’s own qualities. Experimenting with different techniques and ideas can really help your page stand out and maybe gain a like or two!

DON’T: Awkward Covers

Be careful when selecting your cover photos. Don’t just upload any old images. Be sure to find an image (or make one yourself) that compliments your brand and appeals to your audience.