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Personality vs. Career Choices

According to John L. Holland, there are six different personality and workplace types. After reading through them I have found that interning at IMP can be a great fit for all six personality types! By offering over nine different services requiring many different skills and personalities, IMP is able to offer excellent service to a number of clients spreading across many different industries!

Holland’s 6 Personality Types

Realistic: Sometimes referred to as the ‘do’er.’ This type prefers activities that require skill, strength, and coordination.

Artistic: This creator prefers original and unsystematic activities that allow for creative expression.

Social: The ‘helper’ prefers activities that involve helping or developing others. Traits including being cooperative, friendly, sociable and understanding are usually associated.

Enterprising: The persuader prefers working in competitive environments, likes leading, influencing and selling.

Conventional: Being super organized is a state of mind for this personality type. They prefer rule-regulated, orderly, and unambiguous activities.

Investigative: Aka the thinker. This type prefers working with theory and information, thinking, organizing and understanding.

As you may know, your personality can be a mixture of all six personalities. My results came up as a mixture of ASEICR meaning that my top three personality interests are artistic, social and enterprising! Even though your top three letters are the strongest and the most ideal career fitting qualities, if you have a passion for something or think you might enjoy a field that is not neatly outlined for you, applying to intern is a great way to discover whether or not a specific job is for you!

A successful internship experience is all about knowing what your personality strengths are and, just as importantly, what your personality weaknesses are. Intern responsibilities are often different from the professional job postings they may offer, so make sure you clarify with the company. Or check out helpful blog posts from current interns like me!