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#Finally, hashtags come to Facebook

Haters may be mentally clicking “unlike” when they see hashtags on Facebook, but I couldn’t be happier now that they are officially integrated! In the past, hashtags had no real purpose on Facebook – they weren’t clickable or popular. In fact, many users felt they were the killjoy of statuses, photos and videos. But now it looks like Facebook is hoping to change that.

Facebook users will now have the option to insert a hashtag when they post a status, photo, video – and have it be clickable. This means that when a user clicks on a hashtag, a thread will come up with all associated content. Another nice thing about this new feature is its renewed adaptability. When you Instagram or tweet with hashtags and choose to share it on Facebook, you won’t lose its functionality.

As someone who has always been a fan of the #, I love the recent change. This little symbol can offer Facebook users three big benefits:

  1. Connect with others. With the Facebook hashtag thread, users can now see activity and conversations that relate to any hashtag. It can provide insight into who is talking about what. 
  2. Organize information better. With so many status updates, Facebook ads and Sponsored Stories in our newsfeeds, the amount of content can be overwhelming. The hashtag thread organizes it all based on one subject, which makes information easier to find and view. 
  3. Start a trend. Who wouldn’t love to start a trending topic on Facebook? You can create your own hashtag and start a conversation by asking your Facebook friends and theirs to join in. It could be like having your own personal Facebook forum! 

I look forward to seeing the evolution of the hashtag on Facebook and the impact it will have on users and brands. Haters can hate, but I think Facebook did good.