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How Spotify Advertising Can Help Drive Hot Tub Sales

Want to connect with real people, in real-time, in relevant moments to help drive your hot tub sales? If you’re a pool or spa dealer looking to experiment on a new advertising platform and target users based on their musical preferences and playlist type, then Spotify might be the way to go! The music streaming service, which has more than 140 million users, launched its self-serve advertising platform Spotify Ad Studio last fall and it’s quickly becoming the advertising platform for businesses both large and small.

Why Should I Use Spotify Ad Studio?

With roughly 65% of users signed up for the unpaid version, advertisers can have the chance to reach 90 million people or more with Spotify advertising. If you reach your target audience on the platform and engage with them effectively, your hot tub sales could soar.

What Are My Advertising Options?

Getting your ads on Spotify is pretty straight-forward. You can create 15- or 30-second audio spots or banner ads, and you can choose between targeting ads on desktop, mobile or both. We recommend doing both audio and banner ads on all the above platforms, as it typically yields greater results.

Who Should I Target?

You never know with 100 percent certainty who might respond to your ad campaign, or where your incremental gains will come from. So, testing your target audience is always a great idea.

The smallest test budget is $250, and you can target based on demographics (age, gender, location, activity) interests, platform type, moods and music preferences.

With playlists for every mood and activity, from working out and relaxing to sipping wine and love-making, the possibilities to micro-target your ads are endless. You might even decide to advertise to anyone listening to “Meditation” “Yoga” or “Chill-out” playlists.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply set up your Ad Studio account to select your audience, budget, schedule and creative. Then your ads will start to play out to listeners using the free, ad-supported version of Spotify.

Alternatively, you can let IMP Digital create a custom Spotify ad that’s sure to delight, so you stay focused on managing your business.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re new to advertising on Spotify and want to learn more about how to use the platform to generate sales for your hot tub business contact IMP Digital today. We’re passionate about helping you sound great and making a digital splash to grow your business.