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How Twitter Chats Can Benefit Your Social Media

If you are unfamiliar with Twitter Chats, they are a new way that brands and businesses are reaching potential customers. They usually involve 2-3 co-hosts, a unique hashtag, questions for attendees and a giveaway.

Here are some ways in which this feature can help your brand’s social media efforts.

Promote Your Brand: If you notice similar brands to yours hosting successful Twitter chats it’s probably a good idea to approach them and ask about sponsoring or co-hosting for the next chat. By co-hosting the chat you will have an opportunity to promote your products and gain new followers.

Staying Up To Date: By just taking part in Twitter chats that are created by similar brands, you will be able to stay up to date on the latest information and find out about other experts in your industry.

Connecting with Potential Customers: Twitter chats are a great way to find what type of people are interested in your products. Even if you’re not hosting your own chats look up past ones that relate to your products by searching their hashtags. The users communicating in those chats might just be potential customers.

Hosting Your Own Twitter Chat

Finding a Co-Host: When looking for a co-host you want to find someone who is familiar with your industry and has a strong following. This will bring additional people to the chat due to extra exposure from the co-host.

Pick a #Hashtag: When choosing a hashtag, you want to find one that has not been previously used. To do this type your potential tag in Twitter’s search bar and see what pops up. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Questions for Your Attendees: When picking questions for your attendees think about questions that relate to your brand and that can be answered in a few words since users only have 140 characters. Don’t forget to label your questions (Q1:, Q2: etc.) as you go so users can easily refer back to specific questions and so you know what questions users are responding to.

Lastly, always have opening/closing statements thanking your attendees and remember to prepare ahead of time!