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IMP Digital Marketing Announces the Launch of New Twin City Jacuzzi Website

Minneapolis, MN: Canada-based agency IMP Digital Marketing has announced the launch of – their latest website redesign for Minneapolis-based company Twin City Jacuzzi.

Using responsive templates, modern architecture, and a keen eye for intuitive user experiences, IMP Digital Marketing has created a powerful, yet easy-to-use website that is sure to set Twin City Jacuzzi apart from the competition.

The all-new Twin City Jacuzzi website has been built with customers in mind. A Jacuzzi® hot tub is a big investment – and because of this, potential buyers have many questions about their options, installation methods, costs, and maintenance.
The IMP Digital Marketing redesign focused on providing customers with all of the information that they may need to make a purchasing decision.

This was achieved by implementing an intuitive interface allows customers to sort and filter hot tubs by size, design, and cost, and view detailed specifications about each hot tub model.

The new design provides customers with more information, and allows them to make a smarter purchasing decision. An intuitive online cost form also allows interested customers to quickly get a quote for their new hot tub, increasing online conversion rates.

In addition, the all-new Twin City Jacuzzi website features a specialized “backyard life” guide.

In this section of the website, Twin City Jacuzzi customers are provided with comprehensive information, product recommendations, photo galleries, and other custom content, like hot tub FAQs and maintenance guides.

By providing customers with detailed, branded content, the new Twin City Jacuzzi website provides an all-in-one solution for customers in the Twin Cities area who are interested in purchasing a Jacuzzi® hot tub.

Maintenance and service options have also been emphasized in the Twin City Jacuzzi website redesign. A comprehensive document repository allows customers to download digital versions of their owner’s manuals. This ensures that customers have what they need to keep their Jacuzzi® hot tubs in good shape. If professional servicing is needed, an easy-to-use service template makes it easy for customers to request repairs for their Jacuzzi® hot tub.

By redesigning the Twin City Jacuzzi website to focus on comprehensive informational content, and a fantastic browsing experience, IMP Digital Marketing has ensured that Twin City Jacuzzi will continue to be a market leader in the Twin Cities region for years to come.

Visit the new website now at, and visit IMP Digital Marketing today to learn more about their web design expertise and other services.

About IMP Digital Marketing: IMP Digital Marketing was founded in Canada in 1997, and is a digital marketing agency offering website development services, SEO/SEM strategy consulting services, PPC campaign management services, and much more. IMP Digital Marketing always puts clients first, ensuring their success in the competitive world of modern business.