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Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings Launches New Website Created by IMP Digital Marketing

Hamilton, Ontario: IMP Digital Marketing, a Canadian-based digital marketing agency, has launched a website for Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings. Using innovative design strategies, IMP Digital Marketing has provided a cutting-edge web solution for this home renovation, flooring, and decor company.

This advanced, fully-responsive website has been designed to provide Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings with a modern and intuitive way to expand their customer reach. This new website will also allow the company to provide customers with more information about their services and products.

IMP Digital Marketing collaborated with the client to implement a multidisciplinary solution that would help update their website, and allow them to quickly and easily increase their market reach.

First, IMP Digital Marketing used existing website content and branding to inspire a comprehensive redesign of the entire website. By doing so, the team at IMP Digital Marketing was able to dramatically increase the visual appeal of the website, and provide users with an easy-to-navigate interface.

Special care was taken to showcase the unique benefits of Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings. Unlike many competitors, Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings does not simply sell flooring. The team can provide comprehensive interior design services and flooring recommendations, and assist in the removal and installation of new flooring material.

This sets them apart from the competition – and by emphasizing the specialized service offerings of Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings through a modern, mobile-friendly website template, IMP Digital Marketing has provided a truly valuable resource for the company.

Second, advanced SEO/SEM techniques were used by the IMP Digital Marketing team to provide Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings with a higher profile in all major search engines, including Google, Bing, and others.

This was achieved by optimizing all current on-page content to maximize search engine efficiency, and by implementing smart ad campaigns and PPC techniques to boost web traffic at a low cost.

Using this approach, the team at IMP Digital Marketing was able to quickly design and implement a modern website, and boost traffic simultaneously – ensuring that Jonathon’s Perron Floor Coverings maximized the ROI of their new website.

To see the all new website in action, head over to now. For more information about IMP Digital Marketing and their advanced web design services, take a look at their website today.

About IMP Digital Marketing: Based in Canada, IMP Digital Marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing agency. IMP Digital Marketing specializes in website development services, SEO/SEM strategy, PPC campaign management, and much more. Since 1997, IMP Digital Marketing has been dedicated to the success of each and every one of their clients.