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IMP Digital Marketing Launches Innovative Website for Sundance Spas of Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada: IMP Digital Marketing has officially launched the all-new website for Sundance Spas of Edmonton, which can be found at

IMP Digital Marketing was brought onto the project to promote Sundance Spas of Edmonton as an industry leader. This was achieved by creating a fully-responsive website that provides an intuitive user experience, and can be accessed on all mobile devices.

In order to promote Sundance Spas of Edmonton as an industry leader, IMP Digital Marketing created a modern, responsive website that is accessible on any device, and provides an intuitive user experience.

When creating the new Sundance Spas of Edmonton website, IMP Digital Marketing focused on one of the biggest roadblocks to the purchase of a big-ticket item such as a hot tub – cost. Each listed hot tub is complete with a general cost estimate, as well as an estimate of the monthly operating costs for each unit. This provides users with a quick way to get an idea of what hot tub is in their price range.

Each hot tub listing also provides comprehensive product details including size, power, seating capacity, and more. Coupled with an intuitive pricing request menu, these listings allow customers to quickly and easily pick a hot tub that’s perfect for their needs.

The new Sundance Spas of Edmonton website is also full of resources that are useful to prospective hot tub owners and current hot tub owners alike. A customer testimonial page allows prospective customers to get a better understanding of the products and services offered by the company, and to get an inside perspective on the experience of previous Sundance® Spas customers.

Other helpful resources include video guides, blog posts, FAQs about hot tubs, and comprehensive backyard planning guides. Together, this custom-branded content allows customers to have all of the information that they need to make an informed hot tub purchase.

The updated Sundance Spas of Edmonton website also offers plenty of resources for current hot tub owners, including warranty information, owner’s manuals, and other important resources.

Finally, a redesigned contact form allows customers in need of hot tub service to quickly and easily get an estimate for the repair of their hot tub, and request service from Sundance Spas of Edmonton.

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