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IMP Digital Marketing Launches New Website for Clearpoint Health

Ontario, Canada: July 2020 – Digital Marketing Agency, IMP Digital Marketing, Launches Brand-New Website for Clearpoint Health, Canadian Surgical and Medical Facilities.

IMP Digital Marketing has launched a new website for Clearpoint Health. IMP Digital Marketing worked closely with Clearpoint Health to ensure the development of a modern website that met all needs and standards. Clearpoint Health is a network of medical and surgical centres across Canada. The new website can assist users in learning about Clearpoint Health, the surgical centres across Canada and the available procedures. The website is user-friendly, responsive across all devices and SEO friendly.

The website was created with user experience in mind. The design throughout the website is both professional and modern, to maintain brand representation effectively. Clearpoint Health maintains a strong reputation for excellence throughout the industry. It was imperative that the website reflects the professionalism and superiority that Clearpoint Health stands for.

The website is compliant with applicable web accessibility law. This is to ensure that everyone can interact with and navigate the website, with no exclusions due to a disability. The website is also optimized for improved search engine rankings and visibility with the latest tools and techniques. Users can enjoy a premium browsing experience from just about any desktop computer or device, as the website is completely responsive.

About Clearpoint Health

Clearpoint Health is the largest network of independent surgical and medical centres in Canada. Their healthcare offerings include the following surgical areas: cosmetic, orthopedic and spine, general, weight loss, and ENT. Clearpoint Health takes pride in offering rapid access to healthcare, teams of accredited surgeons, world-class care, and technologically-advanced facilities. With five world-class surgical centres across the country, Canadians can access a range of high-quality consultation, care and surgery.

Click here to learn more about Clearpoint Health and explore the new website.

About IMP Digital Marketing

IMP Digital Marketing is a multi-service digital marketing agency located in Burlington, Ontario. For nearly 20 years, IMP has grown exponentially, from a small, local company, to a multi-service digital marketing agency, serving clients around the globe. IMP develops and executes digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversions on client social and web properties.

IMP Digital offers many quality services, including:

  • Strategy planning
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Search engine optimization strategies

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