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IMP Launches Website for Smartshape™ Weight Loss Centre

BURLINGTON, ON – IMP Digital Marketing has designed and launched a new website for the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre.

The SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre specializes in performing modern weight loss procedures. Successfully completing more bariatric surgeries than any other clinic in the country, SmartShape™ has helped thousands of Canadians achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.

The goal was to create a fully-responsive, AODA-compliant website with a streamlined user experience. IMP worked closely with SmartShape™ to create a fresh and innovative website that is unique, aesthetically pleasing and provides valuable educational information in a clear and concise manner.

Since weight loss surgery is a very personal subject, it was important for IMP to create web copy that provided a delicate balance between professional and conversational tones. By navigating through the website, users are educated by a trustworthy and professional voice that provides reassurance and comfort. Every page on the website is fully SEO-optimized to ensure that users can find the information that they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Users can learn more about SmartShape™, the different weight loss options available, cost and financing information, all with the comforting reassurance that sustainable weight loss is achievable. This message is further solidified by the patient success stories that appear throughout the site. Users can read about how SmartShape™ helped change the lives of real patients through bariatric surgery.

The website layout makes user navigation simple as well as pleasing to the eye. The SmartShape™ brand is reflected in the website’s contemporary blue and white colour scheme, which helps to strengthen brand image in the eyes of users. With an intuitive design and focused calls-to-action, users can navigate through the website to learn, request more information via email, request a free consultation, or call to speak to a weight loss specialist.

About SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre

In partnership with Centric Health, one of Canada’s leading healthcare services company, SmartShape™ offers a nationwide network of bariatric centres to provide easy access and follow-up care to patients. Together, our vision is to meet growing healthcare needs by delivering exceptional patient care and services.

To see the new website in action, visit:

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