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Online Security and Why It’s More Important than Ever

It’s that one dreadful word we continuously hear from our IT experts. No matter how much we try, something always slips through the crack and then comes the dreaded email blast reinforcing the importance of it. Yes, I am talking about security.

The Internet is a never-ending “spider web” that allows a myriad of devices to connect to it. Can you blame Facebook if someone cracked your password and hacked your account? Perhaps, but what if your password was “password”, is that your fault or theirs? What if they gained access to it by hacking your iPhone, shouldn’t it then be Apple’s fault? Each individual device adds another element of complexity to securing the data that is being transferred back and forth.

Security isn’t about the “perfect solution” because you can never be 100% protected. What you can do is add multiple layers to help protect yourself. If one layer is compromised, at least there is backup to help prevent complete failure.

Here are some of the ways to help ensure you are protected:

• Ensure you change your password on a regular basis.
• Use a complex password, something that consists of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.
• Don’t use the same password for your online banking and social media accounts. If one gets compromised the other will still be secure.
• On a PC, ensure your computer has an active firewall, antivirus, and malware protection. On a Mac, ensure your firewall is turned on.

Security is something that is constantly on the tip of every IT expert’s mind, simply because a lack of security leaves your company, your data, and your users out in the cold. Would you leave your house unlocked? Most people lock their doors when they leave, they have a safe with their valuables and also use a theft protection system perhaps paired with video recording. Each of those is an “extra layer” to make it that much harder to break-in and rob their valuables.

Why should securing your “Internet world” be any different from securing your “real world”? They are both significant parts of your life and both should be given equal importance when it comes to protection.

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