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Social Media Best Practices for Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

Are you on social media? If not, you’re missing out! Having a booming social media presence is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, including past and potential patients. But the question remains, once you get on social media: what should you do?

In this article, we’re going to explore the do’s and don’ts for cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics when entering the world of social media and maintaining a successful presence.

Why You Should Be on Social Media

Being on social media is imperative to your success. Social media presents the perfect opportunity to connect and engage with your audience, including past and potential patients.

From growing the success of your cosmetic surgery clinic to educating those who are seeking information, being on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and/or Instagram can prove to be quite beneficial.

What You Should Do

Create One Account at a Time

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. We suggest starting out with a Facebook account. Once you have mastered Facebook, move on to Twitter and then Instagram. If you love video content and would like to include more in your social media strategy, we suggest creating a YouTube channel as well.

Use Your Credentials

Introduce yourself as a physician and include all of your credentials to build credibility. Let people know who you are and create a strong reputation as an expert with a professional photo as well.

Have an Edge

What makes you stand out from the rest? Find what gives you an edge and use it! Think about “Dr. Pimple Popper”, for example.

Define Your Target Audience

Creating relevant and engaging content is next to impossible without a clearly-defined target audience. Think about who your ideal patient is and go from there. What is their age, gender, location, and occupation? It could even include family and friends of your patients, along with anyone else who might be interested in your medical expertise.

Track Your Success

You can’t grow if you don’t learn from your accomplishments and mistakes. Tracking your success using tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Hootsuite, or Sendible, can help identify which posts and content performed better than others. Utilize this information to create more-successful content in the future.

Use Approved Content

Some social media platforms will monitor the content, words and phrases used in paid campaigns. This can be especially noted in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. With some trial and error, you can see what kinds of visual content and verbiage is most-often approved for paid social media campaigns.

What You Should Avoid

Irrelevant Sources

If you’re providing a link to a website other than your own, you must absolutely be sure that it is relevant to your audience. For instance, if your clinic is located in Canada, but you post a link from an organization in Australia or Europe, it may not have information that is useful or legal in your own country.

Sources That Aren’t Credible

The credibility of the resources you include can impact your reputation. If you post a link with false or inaccurate information, this may break the trust between you and your audience or cause them to question your expertise.

Giving Medical Advice

This is a big no-no! Giving medical advice over social media can risk the health of the patient, your credibility and put your social media presence in danger. To avoid a potential social media crisis, suggest making an appointment with a physician and have a proper consultation.

Low-Quality Content

Grainy photos with no natural light. Shaky videos with inaudible audio. Infographics with inaccurate information. Imagery that hurts your eyes. Having low-quality content is not only visually unappealing, but it can also bring into question your brand and reputation online. When taking a photo or video, be sure to use lots of natural light and a DLSR camera or smartphone with a high-quality camera.

Going Silent

Your audience wants to hear from you! Build a successful social media presence by being just that, social! At the very least, we recommend creating one post per social media platform at least once a week.

Social Media Marketing with IMP Digital Marketing

Is it time to take on the world of social media? Get started on the right foot with the strategic and experienced team at IMP Digital Marketing. Our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience that can help your business succeed online. For more information or to get started today, contact us!