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The 6 Hours Workday at IMP

Burlington, Ontario – IMP Digital Marketing Agency has implemented a 6-hour workday for employees.

IMP Digital has introduced a six-hour workday for all employees over the traditional 8 hour day.

The motive behind the six-hour workday is productivity and quality of life. Staff have more free time outside of work hours to rest, complete tasks, and spend time with loved ones. When they come to work, it’s expected that they work productively, manage their time accordingly, and complete all their work. If there is still work to be finished at the end of the six-hour workday, employees are more than happy to stay until it’s complete as they still earn wages for a complete eight-hour workday.

CEO and President of IMP Digital Marketing, Philipp Beckermann, understood and recognized how important it is for staff to be well-rested and stress-free, especially in a creative working environment. After a one-month trial, the entire agency agreed unanimously that the six-hour workday is beneficial and has the potential to be successful on a long-term basis.

“I first heard about this concept in an article from INC magazine about Tower Paddle Boards and wanted to give it a try. After 3 months, I found the staff was happier and more motivated throughout the day and encouraged one another to complete tasks and projects. We also noticed fewer sick days and personal appointments while still maintaining profit and client support, plus we are attracting more talent from the downtown commuters.” Beckermann says.

Staff who work typical eight-hour workdays average 2-3 hours of actual work.  Having a shortened day means they must learn to be productive with their time for the added benefit of going home at 2 pm rather than 5 pm. Making enough time in the day to work, run errands, and spend time with loved ones can be stressful and exhausting.

Over time, this can affect an employee’s performance at work. A six-hour workday provides staff with extra time in the day to complete tasks and see their families. A more relaxed, well-rested, and healthy staff are more likely to be much more productive while at work.