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4 Facebook Contest Tips

Conducting a Facebook contest is a great way to get your company name out there, and give back to some of your brand loyal consumers. Here are four simple tips to implement for a dynamic Facebook contest:

#1: Carefully select your prize

Facebook contests that succeed the most are ones that suit the lifestyle and interests of the company’s target market. Giving away a cool prize (like an as iPad or a trip) can work but you want to be careful that people aren’t entering just for the prize. Keep your Facebook Page interesting by posting a variety of topics, including brand related content. This way your fans can also learn a little more about your business while they’re on Facebook.

#2: Tell fans how to enter (in simple terms)

Outlining your contest rules so that they are simple to understand is one of the most important parts of launching a Facebook contest. Letting fans know which fields are required or steps to take in order to successfully enter will result in a smoother process. If the rules are confusing or unclear people will get frustrated and forget entering the contest.

#3: Promote the contest

The best way to get people to enter your contest is to promote it. Post about it regularly on your social media platforms and make them exciting and encouraging for fans to enter. If you aren’t enthusiastic about the contest – don’t expect anyone else to be. A good way to capture fans’ attention is to inform them about how many days they have left to enter. This will create a sense of urgency which will encourage more entries.

#4: Follow-up with entrants

Chances are, you’ll generate a list of leads throughout the contest period. Once the contest is over, you can email entrants with information that may be valuable to them. By following up with those who have entered, you can keep the lines of communication open.

There you have it, four simple steps on how to run an effective Facebook contest. IMP Canada has managed numerous Facebook contests for a variety of clients. Contact us and we can provide you with a strategic contest to maximize business results.