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Does your Facebook page create a good first impression?

Have you ever heard of the saying “make a good first impression?” Making a good first impression is extremely important because you only get one shot at it.

Now in the age of modern technology, we are given the opportunity to make a first impression on the glorious social media platform we all call Facebook. It is full of infinite opportunities to connect a business with its consumers on a personal level. However, your page could be creating a negative first impression for your consumers. Here are 4 quick tips on how to stop making Facebook blunders:

1. Don’t forget about your profile design

Facebook gives us the opportunity to have a profile picture and profile banner. This means it should be a picture exclusive to your business not copied from the internet. The profile picture should be your company logo, (and not a pixelated picture ether) the banner could be a product or service you provide. Customized banners are going to grab way more attention compared to a boring photo with no relation to your page. That said, keep an eye out for platform redesigns, if you do not change the design of your profile to new Facebook standards your page is going to look out-of-date.

2. Not posting frequently

Since a Facebook page is all about creating engagement with your consumers you should be posting regularly to show updates to your loyal fans. If you are simply on Facebook and not do post content on a regular basis, it comparable to sitting in a room full of people and ignoring the conversation. Facebook is there to create conversation!

3. Stop talking about yourself

We all know that guy who always talks about himself and never asks about you, doesn’t be that Facebook page. If you are always posting content just about the company, you are being rude and are ignoring your fans. You want to engage your fans, ask questions, get their opinion, and show interest in their thoughts.

4. Leaving information fields blank

Facebook provides an “about me” section. The point of this field is for fans to discover more information about your business. Leaving this field blank is comparable to someone asking “tell me about yourself” and your Facebook page responses with “I have nothing to tell.” Not only is the information important to your fans but your Facebook page is highly searchable on Google, well only if you fill out the information.

If you have any more questions about how to accurately manage your Facebook page click here, we would be happy to assist you. You only get one shot at making a good first impression so make sure it is a positive one.