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Old Technologies We Sometimes Miss

Technology is progressing every day. There is always new, cutting-edge devices coming out into the market. We now have smaller cellphones, sharper TVs, and tablets that allow you to do multiple tasks right in the palm of your hand. Even though these technological innovations are getting more enhanced, we had some pretty cool technology back in the good old days. Let’s take a minute and reflect on some of the wonderful older technologies that we sometimes miss.

CDs: There used to be no greater way on earth to show your support for a band than by going out and purchasing their CD. Remember when you had a CD collection? CD sales were an awesome method for artists to measure their popularity, and express their creative vision in the album artwork. Although there is a small margin of consumers who still purchase CDs music is more commonly downloaded and shared across the internet.

Video Store: The upcoming generations will never experience the enjoyable trip to the video rental store. These stores were taken out of business by Netflix, Video on demand and by downloading DVDs on the Internet. The best part of the store experience was browsing through shelves upon shelves of movies, and discovering a new favourite or an old classic. You got your movie, delicious snacks and usually ran into an old friend or neighbour who you haven’t seen for a while. It was your one-stop shop for a great night in! R.I.P video rental stores; we miss you.

Video Camera: Remember making home movies with an actual video camera? Today, most cellphones can film a short clip and be shared instantly with friends. We miss the authenticity of the homemade movie. They often had multiple takes and hilarious bloopers.

Walkie-Talkies: Before everyone had a cellphone, the best form of communication were walkie-talkies. Just tune into the same channel, start talking and stay connected! It was an easy way to keep track of the whole family. Not to mention they made you feel like an international spy as a kid. Today walkie-talkies have been replaced by texting which requires no talking at all.

We hope you have enjoyed your trip down memory lane. As we look forward into the future filled with bright, new innovations, remember the technologies of the past and how they have shaped our progress.