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Old Technology We Don’t Miss

As mentioned in my previous blog post, technology is rapidly increasing and producing more innovative products to make the world a better place. In the prior blog, I took you on a trip down memory lane to visit some old technology that we miss. This time, let’s take a look at some of the ones we don’t miss at all.

Dial-Up Internet: Oh good old dial-up internet. Nothing was more infuriating then waiting for your Internet to take over your phone line and dial up to connect. In the time you spent waiting for your Internet to connect properly, you could have potentially written a book, or solved world hunger. Then as soon as you were on the Internet, either someone would pick up the phone – or needed to use it. (Insert scream of absolute rage here). Those were the dark ages of dial-up.

Typewriters: Before the wonderful invention of the computer, we had to rely on typewriters. A highly ineffective method for writing a story or a paper. It got the job done, but not well. Every time you made a mistake on a page you had to start the entire thing over. Talk about annoying and extremely time consuming! We can all rejoice that the days of the typewriter are long gone!

Floppy Disks: Sigh, the dreaded floppy disks. Floppy disks were used before the USB stick to store computer documents. Unfortunately they really couldn’t hold as much data as we needed which resulted in using 12 floppy disks. Nowadays a USB storage could handle what 20 floppy disks might have been able to store. Not only were floppy disks storage space small, but they were inconvenient to carry around and store.

VHS: Before the DVD, VHS was the video tape that you would watch movies from. They were much larger than DVDs and the worst part about VHS was the aggravating rewinding you had to endure when you wanted to re-play a movie. (There was no ‘scene selection’ back then!) Now with a DVD, you can simply press play, and choose where you want the movie to start with the press of a button.

The good thing about these annoyances is that they were the stepping stones to where technology is today. If we never had to wait for dial up or saving data on multiple floppy disks – we could never appreciate how advanced things have become!